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My approach is to address the complex needs of the professionals and organisations I work with by:

  • Creating spaces and mechanisms for effective participation of all parties involved, including service users, children and families

  • Abiding to ethical standards

  • Maximising opportunities for learning and sharing experiences among project stakeholders.








Laetitia provides a range of consulting services that are based on a robust analysis of the needs of the Client.

Policy and strategy:

  • Policy research and analysis, policy briefs

  • Strategy analysis and development, sector planning

  • Stakeholder and partner engagement

Capacity development:

To support transformations that empower individuals and organisations.

  • Capacity development strategies,

  • Training design and delivery, development of training modules

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching,

  • Development of manuals and guidebooks

Evaluation and learning:

  • Capacity development strategies,

  • Training design and delivery, development of training modules

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching,

  • Development of manuals and guidebooks


  • Qualitative & participatory research studies

  • Literature reviews

Inclusion and Gender:

  • Gender analysis & mainstreaming, technical assistance

  • Inclusion analysis & mainstreaming, technical assistance

Facilitation of workshops and processes:

  • Consultation and stakeholder engagement processes and workshops,

  • Strategy and planning development processes and workshops,

  • Evaluation and learning processes and workshops.

Services focus on the following thematic expertise:

  • Quality education and learning

  • Inclusive education

  • Out-of-school children

  • School dropout, early school leaving

  • Education policy

  • Education management & governance

  • Gender, girls' and women's rights

  • Child and adolescent rights, protection and participation

  • Aid effectiveness

Clients include:

UN Agencies: UNICEF (HQ, Regional Offices, Country Offices), UNESCO (HQ and Regional Offices), UNDP, UNV,

Bilateral Agencies: AFD (French Development Agency, HQ and Country Offices), DFID, Belgian DG- Development Cooperation,

EU Institutions: DG-DEVCO-EuropeAid, EC - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency,

INGOs: Plan International (HQ, Regional Offices, Country Offices and National Offices), ActionAid, Handicap International, Transparency International, Initiative et Développement,

UK-based agencies and NGOs: National Lottery Community Fund, Museum of London, WAND.



Laetitia conducts training needs analyses, designs and facilitates participatory and engaging training workshops and develops training modules and training manuals for a variety of audiences:

  • Ministry and decentralised entities officials

  • Professionals from the education and social sectors

  • Local authorities

  • Teachers, school directors and school support staff

  • Children and adolescents

  • Parents and families

  • International agencies and INGOs

  • Implementing NGOs and Civil Society Organisations



A Certified and EMCC Accredited Professional Coach, Laetitia provides Team Coaching and professional and personal development coaching and mentoring services for:

  • International organisations, development agencies and NGOs staff,

  • Professionals from the education and social sectors (Ministry, decentralised entities and school staff),

  • Consultants and entrepreneurs working with/for international development agencies (UN, bilateral agencies, NGOs).

Team Coaching improves vision, creativity, organisation, communication, sharing, synergies and overcoming challenges in complex environments. Team Coaching includes but is not limited to Reflective Practice, Action Learning Sets, and methods such as Co-Development, used with small groups of professionals sharing similar roles over a period of 6 to 12 months.

Team or individual mentoring favours conversations within which questioning is used to stimulate reflection, growth and feedback is given on processes. As a mentor, I am involved in the content of a conversation as would be expected of a consultant, but I am also committed to the other person finding their own solutions.

Individual professional coaching gives clarity over roles and responsibilities, motivates, improves personal and professional development, provides a space for reflective practice and learning, reduces stress, increases competences and skills and enhances leadership and communication. Professional coaching supports international and humanitarian organisations' staff as well as consultants, freelancers and volunteers.

Education coaching supports teachers, school managers and education officers on leadership, team working and reflective practice issues. It contributes to personal and professional development and organisational learning. It can address stress steming from emotional demands, parents’ behaviour, low morale, conflicts in the workplace and poor communication. It can also enhance educators' engagement and connection, improve teaching creativity and learning outcomes, contribute to embedding wellbeing practices across the whole school and enable the development of a coaching culture in education institutions. You can find more on education coaching here.

If you are an individual and would like to know more about my professional and life coaching services, please click on the link below:

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