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I help organisations to deliver inclusive quality education and support services so that children and their families can realise their rights to education, protection and participation.


A qualified secondary teacher in the French system, Laetitia also holds a Master’s degree in Education and International Development from the University of London (Institute of Education).

She has completed a wide range of professional training on:

  • disability inclusion,

  • social, emotional and behavioural services in school,

  • children in war and armed conflict,

  • child development,

  • children’s rights monitoring

  • participatory planning techniques,

  • group facilitation methods,

  • results-based management, and

  • evaluation methodologies and tools.


Laetitia is also a Certified and Accredited Professional Coach. She holds a Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring awarded by the UK Institute for Leadership & Management (Level 5), and a Professional and Personal Coaching Certificate (RNCP) from the French Coaching School. She is Accredited at Praticien level with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).


Laetitia is a consultant, trainer and coach working with a range of international organisations, donors and NGOs, national institutions (ministries, national agencies, councils and associations) and local institutions (decentralised authorities at district and municipal levels, local administrations, local services, schools, support services and civil society organisations).

She has contributed to more than a 100 projects in 38 countries across South, South East and Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Carribean.

She has worked for circa 50 clients, including organisations such as UNICEF, UNESCO and UNDP Headquarters, Regional and Country Offices, the European Commission (EACEA, DEVCO-EuropeAid), government development aid agencies from the UK (DFID), France (AFD), Belgium, Norway (NORAD), and NGOs such as Plan International, ActionAid, Transparency International, and Humanity & Inclusion.


  • Quality education and learning

  • Inclusive education

  • Out-of-school children

  • School dropout, early school leaving

  • Education policy

  • Education management & governance

  • Gender, girls' and women's rights

  • Child and adolescent rights, protection and participation

  • Aid effectiveness


  • Policy and strategy

  • Capacity development

  • Evaluation and learning

  • Qualitative & participatory research

  • Gender analysis & mainstreaming

  • Inclusion analysis & mainstreaming

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Training design and delivery

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Coaching

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