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A Certified Coach, Laetitia provides Team Coaching and professional individual coaching and mentoring services for schools, education ministries, inspectorates, training providers, teachers, school directors and other education professionals.

Team Coaching in schools or education institutions improves vision, creativity, organisation, communication, sharing, synergies and contributes to overcoming challenges in complex environments. Team Coaching includes, but is not limited to, methods such as Co-Development, or Action Learning Sets, used with small groups of professionals sharing similar roles over a period of 6 to 12 months.


Team Coaching can help with:

  • team building and cohesion,

  • team working and staff interaction

  • conflict management,

  • strategy planning,

  • school ethos,

  • school climate,

  • wellbeing practices,

  • professional development, and

  • developing a coaching culture in education institutions.

Individual professional coaching gives clarity over roles and responsibilities, motivates, improves personal and professional development, increases competences and skills and enhances leadership.

Professional Coaching can help with:

  • change in your profession;

  • well-being, work/life balance and preventing burnout;

  • low morale, motivation, engagement and connectedness;

  • conflicts in the classroom and workplace;

  • poor behaviour and performance in the classroom;

  • creative approaches to teaching and management;

  • team working;

  • communication with pupils, parents and improving staff interactions;

  • managing stress;

  • organisation;

  • self esteem and confidence;

  • seeking professional development opportunities

  • career advancement and promotion.

Team or individual mentoring favours conversations within which questioning is used to stimulate growth and feedback is given on processes. As a mentor, I am involved in the content of a conversation as would be expected of a consultant, but I am also committed to the other person finding their own solutions.

Mentoring can help with:

  • personal and team development,

  • novice teacher support,

  • skills development,

  • wellbeing,

  • school planning,

  • learning circles.

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